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Friday, February 17th 2017, 3:18pm

Player Rules!

Player Rules!

A punishment can be look like:
1. Warning - You get a verbal warning
2. Server kick - You get a kick out of the Game
3. Account Ban - You can´t login to your Account
4. PC / IP Ban - You can´t play anymore our Server with your pc

Bugusing / Game abuse:
If you found a bug, please report this immediately to a Team member or post it in our Forum,…oard&boardID=11.
Using play mechanics (exploiting) in a way which is not planned is forbidden.
Win + L / Deliberate Network Error / Quitting the Game instantly is forbidden:

1st offense - 1 day Account Ban
2nd offense - 3 days Account Ban
3rd offense - 7 days account ban
4th offense - 30 days account ban
5th offense - permanent

Use Bugs like Reskill-Bug or Speed-Bug, etc. :

1st offense - 1 day Account Ban
2nd offense - 3 days Account Ban
3rd offense - 7 days Account Ban
4th offense - 30 days Account Ban
all further offenses - 30 days Account Ban

Killing one of your- (friend) characters on purpose in order to farm Honor or push your kills, will be result in an permanent Account Ban on all Accounts.
Use "Macros" in connection with "Abb" is permitted.
If you want to announce a mistake then only with sufficient proofs! (Screenshots, videos)

Player, Guild and Shop names that are offensive, racist, politically-oriented, religious in nature, harassing towards anyone (player or otherwise), orreferences to illegal activities, are all strictly forbidden.
Names with overly-lengthy or incomprehensible letter configurations are forbidden; this includes shop names. In the case of a shop, the player will be temporarily disconnected to flush the name from the system. If the player continues the behavior they will be temporarily banned for 3 days.
Shop names not using English (the official Game language) are forbidden.
Also it is forbidden to use in your character name, animal name, guild name or shop name the prehired abbreviations: TGM, GM, SGM, GA, SA, DEV, TM, GSR, MOD or CM.

Chat Ingame:
The official language on Araz4Story (Ingame, Forum, Ticket system and IRC Chat) is English. Conversations in the /all, /normal, and /group chats must be conducted in English.
Mind your language. Vulgarand defamatory terms are punishable by Chatbans or in extreme cases with an Account Ban.
Please are polite to other players and do not offend them. To threaten, troll or blackmail other players is forbidden and will be punished:

1st offense - 10 mins Chat Ban
2nd offense - 20 mins Chat Ban
3rd offense - 30 mins Chat Ban
all further offenses - 60 mins Chat Ban
In EXTREME cases: Account Ban ( 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days)

Please don´t spam. Repeated sending of the same thing is forbidden:

1st offense - 15 mins Chat Ban
2nd offense - 30 mins Chat Ban
3rd offense - 60 mins Chat Ban
all further offenses - 90 mins Chat Ban
In EXTREME cases: Account Ban ( 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 30 days)

Inform other players about Cheats, Hacks or Bots are forbidden:

1st offense - 20 mins Chat Ban
2nd offense - 40 mins Chat Ban
3rd offense - 90 mins Chat Ban
all further offenses - 180 mins Chat Ban
In EXTREME cases: Account Ban

Selling / Trade Items for real money or Items on other Servers is forbidden and will be punished with 3 days Account Ban. To buy Items from Araz4Story is permitted.If you think somebody offends against the rules, contact a Team member. The incident must be submitted in form of an expressive Screenshot (several) or video, so that we can exactly understand the incident.
Not every offence is the same. Some Users feel faster offended than others. We act differently from case to case and adapt the punishment to the respective case.

Using "Hacks" and/or other programs which affect the play experience, are forbidden and will be punished immediately with a permanent Account Ban.
Manipulation of the Araz4Story client in unauthorized ways is prohibited!
Note: Also the "hacking" of the website (or also the attempt is forbidden) and will be punished!

Handling with the Araz4s Team:
Instructions and decisions of the Team must be respected.
You are not allowed to attack a Team member, (Exception: You need the consent of the following Team member)
If you have any questions, please use our forum and ask other players. Moreover there is a Ticket System!
Members of the Araz4s-Team will never ask you for your password or for objects.
Discomfort about sanction: Please contact us about our Ticket System or the forum to the Team or personally to the following Team member.
The public discussion of a certain sanction is not permitted!
If you don´t agree with the decision of an Araz4s-Team member please contact the next higher, responsible Team member. This could be a GM (Game Master), Super-GM (Super Game Master), the Server Admin (or Game Admin).
Members of the Araz4Story-Team have the following information before her name:
Characters, without this or in modified form are not part of the Araz4Story-Team.

Account cridentials:
Every player is obliges to keep the access data (Account Name, Password) a secret.
Don´t use the same Account Name and Password from other Servers
Sharing Accounts is not permitted and theft from a shared Account will not be refunded, also a shared Account get no support!
To handle the punishments leads to a 30 days Account Ban.

The reserves to also Ban players without closing offence against the above rules.

The Admin reserves itself to carry out changes or enlargements in the rules.

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