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Friday, July 28th 2017, 10:41am


G'day iberians!
To spice up the market abit, we decided to host a GM-Coupon Event, which allows you to win awesome rewards if lucky.

So how do I participate?
During the period from the 29th July 2017 (29.07.2017) to the 31st August 2017 (31.08.2017) you will be able to receive "GM Coupons" by participating in Events or being lucky during the Lucky Number Event. The GM Coupon Items are tradeable so you will be able to purchase them from other players as well.

Where do I exchange my coupons?
To exchange your coupons for items, please contact one of our Team Members ingame via whisper. Give him the amount of Coupons needed for your desired Item and tell him which one you want. Our Team Member will then proceed to send the Item to you via letter

What are the rewards?
The Reward List can be found here: Click me
One down side to this how ever is, that the reward list can change at all times.

If you guys enjoy this Event, please post your feedback down below. Depending on how popular the outcome will be, we might add this type of Event as an permanent feature to Araz4Story.

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