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Sunday, May 28th 2017, 12:55pm

Old School - PVE Server


In this thread we'd like to ask you what you'd rather like to see. We were thinking to open a second PVE Server for the new Patch instead of updating the Old School Server. We would then rather fix the few errors on the Old School Server and then keep it old school.

Tell us what you'd prefer to see.

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Saturday, June 3rd 2017, 7:55am

What i would like to see on Araz Old School server:

- Since this is a PVE server then i think that tournaments weapons +24 are something that "destroys" the server.
Shouldn't people that play on PVE servers farm their own items and only use those that they have made themselfs? +24 weapons for winning the tournament should be replaced with something like Serendipity Potion x2, that would make a much better reward since it's not a PVP server.

- Well we are at a PVE server, there are no people to make PVP, so how about deleting Honour points? Make everysingle kill worth 0 Points, Ranking? That's something for PVP not PVE. Why am I suggesting something like that? Just think about all those people that are playing on 1 side leaving the other side almost empty.
How are the Wars on PVE looking right now? 10 Valorians vs 2 Derions and it will always be like that. Just think what will people do once Honour is deleted? They will have to move do Derion to get some areas for Castle Wars.
Right now too many people pay attention to the ranking, some don't want to loose any points that's why they are attacking 10 vs 2.

If you really want to make a good PVE server then just delete everything that rewards you for PVP and then people will play with fun

PS. I forgot to write that Water of the Worlds should be bought for gold then you won't need Achievement points
PS 2. I forgot that you get 200 AP for winning Mission War, so there won't be any problems with buying Water of the Worlds with AP

To the person below: Thay I just started to play on this server, if you really want to know, then my character name is "Light" and i play on derion.
You must really be a 5 years old kid if you insult everyone just because they have a different opinion than you, or maybe you are just a angry guy that can't find any arguments so you insult, because you can't say anything else. Well have fun with your life kid :D.

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